Videre CMS

an open-source content management system written in C#


  Built with Bootstrap

Videre CMS proudly integrates Bootstrap as its front-end CSS framework.  We believe it is the best choice available.  Integration has also been done to allow server-side code to generate bootstrap markup via a FluentAPI.


  .NET Backend

Videre CMS is built on top of ASP.NET MVC with C# as its language of choice and razor as the rendering engine.    



It strives to provide a simple implementation of some complex features like

  • Obvious CMS features (routes, menus, pages, file management, accounts, etc.)
  • Extensibility everywhere (widgets, themes, layouts)
  • Package Import / Export (widgets, layouts, content)
  • Search support through Providers (Lucene)
  • Localization
  • Multi-portal capability
  • Provider support for WYSIWYG Editors: CK, CL, HTML5
  • Provider support for Account / Authorization (OAuth, custom)
  • Drag N Drop support for templates (page and layout)
  • Content sharing between widget instances
  • Context sensitive (in place) editors
  • Comment control (home-grown videre implementation or Disquss)
  • Document database through Resource Manager (file, sql server, mysql, etc.)